Elizabeth Hott


Elizabeth found her love for music as a young child.  Just after the age of one, before she could even talk, 

she could be found singing to her favorite toy.  As Elizabeth grew older she and her siblings were always putting on "performances” for their parents in the living room of their house. 

She continued to perform in church and throughout her childhood into high school. Playing her instruments, singing, dancing, and acting became passions for her. 

Elizabeth only began to discover jazz her last year of high school and early college.  She found that the creative freedom of jazz had her hooked.  Through college big band and vocal ensembles she began to perform and compete on a state and national level.  During these competitions she accrued several awards for her performances and had the opportunity to travel throughout US and tour Germany.

Since college Elizabeth has been active in the local music scene, she sings regularly with several groups 

and subs in with several others. She has made a reputation for herself to be a well experienced, and expressive vocalist, and performs all over the Puget Sound with various bands.

“I want to keep the mentality of a student.  With music you never stop learning, or growing.  For me, each rehearsal, each gig, is an opportunity for new ideas, and the chance to share my passion of music with others.”   ~  Elizabeth Hott